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A relic of the LNER

‘WARNING TO TRESPASSERS’August 2020 The London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) ceased to exist on 31 December 1947 when it became part of the newly nationalised ‘British Railways’ so I was surprised to find this sign still in use in Lincolnshire last week. I’m not going to mention its exact location as I’d hate it … Continue reading “A relic of the LNER”

Back in Business – The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

A couple of weeks ago I paid a (socially distanced) visit to the recently re-opened Ecclesbourne Valley Railway (EVR), treating myself (and the people in my ‘bubble’) to a ‘Bounce Back’ ticket. 33103 SWORDFISH couples onto the 13.20 to DuffieldWirksworth Station, August 2020 The EVR have chosen to operate a simple timetable of three return … Continue reading “Back in Business – The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway”

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